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Introduction into .io games

Before you dive into the world of .io you must understand why people play a game that has an .io in it. What kind of world that they are playing with and how is it became so popular? What so interesting about this simple code letter or whatever that you called it, the .oi, and what does that mean to you? Here is some information for you to understand what an .io is.

Diep Io Hack 2016
There are two .io games. The first one is Agar.io and the second is Slither.io. They are the so-called kings of a surprisingly massive multiplayer in a PVP arena game but there is a third one that is slowly become popular and well-known and it is called the Diep.io. What is a Diep.io and what can it do? Deip.io is a new multiplayer PVP arena game that is different from the Agar.io and the Slither.io. The Deip.io has new features that you cannot help but mess around with it and these features make the game stand out from its brothers.
What are they? Well the Diep.io game can give you control over your tank. You can shoot using your left mouse button at the objects around you such as the square, pentagon, and pentagon because these shapes are your obstacles and they are the key for you to earn your EXP. The more you hit these objects the more EXP you will gain, and the more EXP you gain you will level up. If you level up at LV 30 you will receive a stat point. The stat point is important to you while playing the game because each of these stat points will affect your tank and you might get the change to have a class or possibly change your class into a new but different class. You can still change your class when you reach LV 15 though, but you are going to receive new class every time you LV up.
There is also another reason why this is game is popular because each time you play you will get a different playing arena or a new area for you to explore and play around. But it depends on what LV you are in but the more you LV up the more you receive new details that would help you improve your tank. There are all kinds of stuff where you can update you tank. And each of these new added features will make the game more interesting.

Some of the new upgrades and tank classes are:
Tank: Upgrades

  1. Sniper Bullet Speed
  2. Twin Movement Speed
  3. Machine Gun Body Damage
  4. Flank Guard Max Health

This game is the biggest tanking game at this moment and will continue to exist in the near future. The Diep.io is the most updated version of the other two multiplayer tank games. The unique about Diep.io is that there is more to just dodging bullets and moving around with other tanks. You can modify your tank and explore new set of skills while playing you can also use our diep.io hack tool to get more points.