The Guy Behind

The Guy Behind Matheus Valadares

Web games are inspired by actual struggles on different happenings around us. They are designed and developed according on how likely people are going to respond, react or interact at certain situation. Thus, these games are based on practical and technical basis and that makeseveryone easily hooked up with it. On the other hand, game developers or designers are geniuses! Yeah they are, you wouldn’t be hanging with your tab or on front of your desktop till the grave period right? These are obvious sign of is one of the hottest and most played online game today. The game was designed so simple yet unequally challenging. It will move anyone from their seats: stand, roll, giggle and jump in the end. Well, that’s either losing their tank or succeeding on the next level.
diep io got huge in popularity thanks to its origin. The number of people hooked with the game is the equal number of people got amazed with the game designer. The simplicity yet nerve challenging game made the guy behind popular. Who is this guy? Well, google knows! Meanwhile, let’s stop asking the busy guy and get the pages rolling here. Matheus Valadares is the one who designed game. There isn’t so much information about him on the web, yet these things surely the personality of guy behind his popular name

Diep Author is Creative

How could anyone not be when he created this sensational game? Truly sensational as it moved anyone to roll while playing. The simplicity of the game was topped with its challenging bet, made it balance and exciting.


The next adjective might define him a hero because of his creation. Pretty much a lot of people patronized the game and escaped boredom. But yeah, the guy is industrious. He wouldn’t be able to create without perseverance, patience, and time on designing the mode, functions, design, upgrades and reactions on the app.

Values great privacy

His name was stated over the net yet he cannot be linked from there, neither he has autobiography posted online. The sites featuring the guy are very limited as well. Now everyone is thrilled to meet him and personally thank him for creating and making them hook the nook.

Consistent developer

He wouldn’t have been created if he isn’t. Interestingly, Matheus Valadares created the predecessor of which is, also hooked the interest of many gamers all throughout the world when it was first released. Now it also has mobile app like

Man in action

He’s definitely dynamic – on the web. No one can create such game without thorough research on the web about the nature and interaction of tanks and humans as a controller.

Games can effectively catch anyone’s attention when it is designed from human interactions and the life moving on this earth. Matheus Valadares used this concept to catch the interest of people by how tanks can be managed, and how people aim you upgrade themselves, and their lives on a daily basis as to relate to levels. The higher the level, the more upgraded you are- as you meet adulthood or maturity.