Diep.io Guide To All Potential Players

The Diep.io has become a popular game to play lately unlike the two other PVP tank games, like the Agar.io and the Slither.io who were the first to introduce as a browser-based game with a simple instruction that is easy to follow; the Diep.io is reaching to the top ranks right besides its predecessors. Diep.io has become so popular lately that many players who had tried playing the previous version of the .io begun to gravitate around the newcomer. Thanks to its upgrades that are so unique the game has shown to become more interesting to the players especially the new features that they can’t help but explore and mess around it.

To those who are new this weird game and never tried it before then here are some simple basic instructions that are simple enough for you to get it. So instead of a snake or a blog, this time Diep.io is using tanks as your start up. The main goal of this game is to become the biggest awesome tank that you’ve ever create by destroying your enemies.  Easy right? Well Diep.io have something that might make it a bit difficult for you and as a challenge it won’t be easy to achieve that goal not when there are other players who can out smart you and kill before you can even begin hunting your prey and get the first blood. Diep.io has cool upgrades and new stats that you need to get more in order to LV up your tank. Here is what you’re going to do when you are in the game.

  • Obstacles- when you enter the game there will you will see shapes that is scattered all around you. There’s a square, triangle or a pentagons. If you hit them you will gain experience.
  • Moving and Shooting- click left mouse bottom in order to shoot or you can use the spacebar instead while moving you can just use the arrow keys to move your tank.
  • Destroy your enemy or objects- if you destroy an enemy tank, your tank bar will increase and when it reach to its peak will level up.
  • Leveling up- when you reach to LV 15 you can get the chance to choose what kind of class that you like. There are only 4 classes available to you and each of the class has different stats, and cool upgrades.

That is the simple basic gaming instructions that you’re going to get you will get the hang of it in time, don’t you worry about failing. It takes a lot of patience and a good strategic think in order to reach LV 15 to achieve the cool and the awesome tanks that is different from your start up tank. It is a multiplayer arena game so there will be a lot of players who are online so be sure to try and get a kill in order to gain more experience. Whenever you enter the game website, all you have to do is visit the Diep.io, you be entering in a different battle field which depends on what level is your tank. You will never get bored easily.