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Hello all,
our team have decided that we will release the diep io hack for public. As the game is getting more popular, there are more people that needed our hack.
What is the diep.io game all about?

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Introduction of Diep game

The diep io is the new viral game based on agario clones. In this game there is a hihgly modified concept of this. You play as a ‘tank’, where your main target is to kill other ‘tanks’ or kill objects. You level-up when you kill other players or objects. After you level-up, you are able to have better skills, such as better shooting and faster movement!
Unlike the agario and slitherio, the diepio is not available for mobile devices! 🙁 But you can happily play it in your internet browser such as Mozilla or Chrome.

Diep Io Hack 2016
The game is not so easy as its competitors, but it is more fun. From the beggining you will hardly kill anyone, but how you will level more and more than you will get more experiences and upgrades and you will be better and faster!

The features of Diep.io Hack

What are the features of our diep.io hack? Our diep.io hack can make your tank upgradable even without levels. It can also boost your levels, it can make your tank immortal (god mode). You can also be invisible or you can boost your leveling. Also you can use the XP Booster.
You can use our diep IO Hack online, you don’t need to download any shady software which could harm your PC or could be infected with some malicious software. Our solution is made entirely on the web (Diep Io Hack Online). We have been developing this software for more than 3 months since the beggining of the diep io game. And also we are releasing a lot of updates to keep up with the developer and to ensure that nobody of our users would get banned. We have tested this tool for more than 1 month and we have not encountered any problems. We have a 10 beta-testers.

Diep Io Hacked

And the best part is that our diep hack is for everyone. You just need to click on the button “Hack Now” which is located above. Just scroll up and you will see it!

Our hack is unique and original, so be sure that you always use our version on this website (diepiohackcheats.com) and you will be safe. If you have any problem or question, please contact us, just click on the contact us webpage and write us a message, we will reply you in max 48 hours. We will be happy if you share our diep.io hack tool on social sites such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter or just send it to your friend, you will make us very happy!